How to Grow Chickpea Plant

Chickpea plant or garbanzo beans is a type of legume which is a good addition to you home garden as they are very nutritious and rich in protein and other essential minerals and vitamins not available in some vegetables. Here is your guide on how to grow chickpea plant.

The Best Time to Grow Chickpea

Chickpea plant need approximately 100 days to fully grown. Even if this plant is frost tolerant, they must be kept away from cold temperatures. Direct sow garbanzos seed one to two week before the last date of frost. In needed, start indoors four weeks prior to the last first afterwards transfers on your yard once the risk of cold has passed.

The Best Place to Grow Chickpea

This chickpea plant is best grown in a place with a temperature that range from 70° F to 80° F during daytime and 65° F during night time. Cultivate chickpea plant in full sun in calmer climates; however give some shade in warmer areas. You can grow chickpea plant in container which are 10 inches across.

Choosing the Best Soil for Growing Chickpea

Chickpea plant must be cultivated in fertile, loose soil. Make certain the soil drains very well. It should be 6.5 pH levels as well as reinforce with organic matter, such as mature compost as well as aged manure prior to planting.

chickpea plant

Planting Chickpea

Chickpea plant don’t transplant well. It is best when sown directly into the garden bed. In a growing season, utilize biodegradable pots to avoid disturbing their subtle root systems once transplanting. Sow chickpea seeds about one to two inches deep and three inches at a distance.

Plant three seeds for every starter pot, then thin to strongest one if they start to grow. Rows must be spaced about 18-24 inches to one side. Transplant seedlings in your backyard when the chickpea are three to four inches tall, also ensure to do this after cold season.

Chickpea seedlings must be secured from any late, unanticipated frost that has row covers. It must be planted adequate closely together to hold up each other.

Watering and Care Chickpea

Water your chickpea plant on a daily basis in order to keep the soil moist. Stop watering when the pods start to dry out. Avoid over watering and overhead watering that could attract mildew. Cultivate very cautiously through hand weeding.

The roots of Chickpea plant are about to the surface of the soil and extremely delicate. It is advisable to use mulch in order to stay down the weeds. Mulch also assists keep the soil wet.

Fertilizing Chickpea Plant

Chickpea plant or garbanzos bean do fine with no fertilizer once cultivated in fertile soil. On the other hand, they may grow well when you use organic fertilizer. The fact that Chickpea plant fix nitrogen on their own, you need to avoid too much nitrogen fertilizers.

Harvesting Chickpea Plant

Chickpea plant could be harvested when they are still green for fresh eating or if the pods have dried out. Harvest the whole plant if the leaves dry up or turn brown. Let the pods to dry under the sunlight and gather all seeds when the pods split. Fully grown pods are about one to two inches with two to three pods each.

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